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The Green Way Vision


Green Way Neighborhood is a national example of how to design a conservation subdivision. A subdivision designed without destroying the environment. The design principles blend farmland preservation, smaller lots with cluster housing, green building, and open space for recreation and wildlife habitat preservation.

Green Way’s design is based on the principles of permaculture and conservation development. Home owners gain added instant equity in existing buildings and intrinsic value of the beautifully designed infrastructure. The sum of the parts is more valuable than just your lot. Green Way residents build foot bridge to pasture.

The Green Way Vision is to preserve and enhance wildlife habitat while providing an outstandingly beautiful environment for residents.
Who doesn’t value nature? To have right at your back door deer and dozens of species of migrating birds; to be able to walk in a forest that you actually own; to have a place for exercise, relaxation, and interaction with neighbors, children, and pets.

The Green Way Vision is to preserve parcels of food producing land for more community food self reliance; to have home grown food at our own back door by growing our own or buying from our neighbors. Locally grown food is more nutritious, fresh, and tasty. In addition, food production is an excellent and soothing hobby.

The Green Way Vision is to demonstrate that homes don’t have to be huge, plastic, and pricey to be valuable. Smaller and medium size homes save forest land and are easier to heat and cool. Smaller homes save time which gives you more freedom and money in your life.

What is Green Way?
Green Way is a 41 acre, 20 lot, conservation subdivision located in the heart of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. It is a nationally recognized model for developers to preserve open land and use the design principles of conservation subdivisions.

Green Way has location, location, location with million dollar views, rural privacy, yet only 5 miles to downtown Lexington, Virginia and 3 hours to the Washington, DC beltway.

We feel it is not enough just to preserve open space. We have made it better through edible landscape plantings of nut and fruit trees, hardwoods, seed bearing shrubs, and other vegetation that serve both human and wildlife inhabitants. Since we are on the flyway for migrating birds, we have plantings that will provide food timed for their journeys north and south. We planted over 160 hardwoods that, so far have a 90% survival rate. More about Green Way Plantings in the news.

Green Way is now selling turn-key custom homes and our community is expanding quickly. Green Way Homes maintains a mailing list to notify people as homes become available for sale. If you would like to be on our email list and receive our newsletter.

The subdivision plat is in the Photo Tour. 70% of the land will forever remain community owned, open land as conservation areas, pastures, gardens and play areas.

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