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Renaissance Interior Design South Shore of Massachusetts Design Coach


Enhance your life by improving your home. Jayne Plosive encourages you to become acquainted with your design personality and helps you through the areas where most people get stuck in the design process, such as how to become inspired to decorate, how to select coordinating fabrics, or how to decide where to put color in a space. It is written in a practical and straightforward style laced with humor and a warm spiritual perspective. You’ll feel like you’re talking to a dear friend, or better yet, a design me.

Interior Divine: Walking You Through the Transformation of Your Home

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Renaissance Interior Design specializes in helping clients translate their design personality to their home and in-home office settings. Renaissance is unique in its approach in that we let the room, and the client guide us through the design process. The designers at Renaissance do not impose their personal preferences upon the space.

The transformation of your home is a thoughtful, intuitive process that, in partnership with Renaissance Interior Design, will produce spectacular results.

We may recommend that you keep some or many of the furnishings you already own, especially if they are meaningful to you. Sometimes we simply alter the placement of your furnishings to obtain a smashing new look. Our solutions vary from client to client, and home to home, however, our approach is purely collaborative. We will never suggest a treatment that is not consistent with your lifestyle, budget or design preferences.

There are countless beneficial effects of living in a welcoming space, or what has become known today as “your sacred space”. The Chinese have long known about the influence environment plays on one’s life. Your health, your prosperity, even your personal relationships are all positively affected when your living environment is consistent with who you are.

Whether you are a bachelor who craves the chic but lived-in look of sparsely appointed digs…or a traditional family with pets and children whirling about, dreaming of having both style and comfort…or a working woman who wants to surround yourself with the seemingly disparate treasures from your past wondering how these can all co-exist in happy harmony.

Whoever you are, however you define your taste; if you are unhappy with your current surroundings and are open to a wonderful adventure, Renaissance Interior Design will work with you to manage the change of your living and working space so that your home becomes your sanctuary.

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