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Simple Ways to Modernize a Dated House


If you live in a typical old house, then updating it can be a good idea. Even, if you are on a budget, you can do some minor changes to create a modern look on your house. Small projects to modernize your house is a good start before remodeling the house. Here are easy ways to give your house a modern look.

Upgrade appliances and fixtures

Purchasing new kitchen appliances, on the other hand, can be more expensive. Appliances like ovens, air fryers, washers, dishwashers, refrigerators come in different features and models along with price tags. Instead, you can just replace dated appliances with sleek ones that will improve the functionality and your home’s look.

Many old homes have brass or gold fixtures and hardware. To give your home a fresher look, there are limitless options you can do. You can finish and style all fixtures with your own taste. The best part about it is that you can do it by yourself.

Refresh countertops, flooring, and walls

Replacing your old countertop with a new one can give your home a more dramatic look. However, this update can be very expensive. You can switch to some affordable options such as engineered stone, concrete, or laminate. Make sure that when you are going to update the countertops, you also have to update the cabinetry. It would be great to replace those two items at the same time so you won’t end up wasting money by substituting them twice. 

Installing new flooring is another home project that costs you much. Instead, you can try to replace your old carpets with wooden flooring, tile, or laminate to create a jaw-dropping impression. Do a little research to find a discounted or sale flooring provider. If the floor is already hardwoods, you can refinish them to create a fresher, modern look. Maintaining and updating the floors is such a great selling point if you plan to sell it in the future.

Refresh countertops, flooring, and walls

Even though wallpaper makes a surprising comeback, old styles and patterns can age the interior of your home. Faded paint can also give a dated appearance. Try to clean the walls and apply a new paint coat. You can also create an accent wall to provide visual interest to your home.

Create a flowing layout and a constant color scheme

If you have no clue how to open up a home space, there are ways to make your floor plan more spacious. Grouping furniture provides an easy transition as well as giving a spacious look. Leave the open space as much as possible along with thresholds and walkways and avoid big furniture that will make the space narrower.

Another simple way to modernize your old home is by creating a flowing layout and a constant color scheme. Walls in neutral colors are a great color palette to add accents to your interior. To add a sense of balance and consistency, you can carry some similar colors throughout your home. Neutral colors make it easier if you want to change the décor since they always look great with various accent colors.

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