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How To Match Windows And Doors Styles


Windows and doors are an integral part of a house. A house that’s missing doors and windows can certainly not be qualified enough to be called a house. Doors and windows not only provide a house a gateway to proper ventilation, protection from the intruders, providing an entry and exit but also give an enticing appeal to your house with their classic design. Now as the time moves forth, interior designers have come up with numerous designs and styles for doors and windows. And it becomes quite challenging to complement them with your house’s architectural features and your own preference. 

  1. Traditional

A traditionally designed house is the one that has neat finishing made from brick and stones. Cape Cod, Gregorian and colonial all fall under the traditional types of housing. The windows are symmetrically placed and one or two bay or bow windows for a bigger than the average-sized house would be best suited for this type of house. For doors, consider getting wooden doors. They may or may not have fiberglass that gives off an archetypal aspect to it. 

  1. Contemporary

As the name implies, contemporary types of houses have a modern look to them, which means you can use current materials like aluminum and UPVC windows. Its prime attribute is its simplicity and does not voice extravagance.

Contemporary houses allow more natural sunlight to enter through the windows. Thus, the windows are oftentimes fixed that slide and provide scenic views as a focus like bay windows. The doors of the contemporary houses are also kept as simple as possible, while the classic look remains incompetent. Choose doors that are in a geometric shape and have metallic handles.

How To Match Windows And Doors Styles

  1. Craftsman

Craftsman design of houses were incredibly popular at the beginning of the 20th century. They may be outdated but their uniquely enticing features are still in dominance when it comes to chic houses. They feature porches, low-pitched roofs, and warm-colored brick walls. Stained glass windows go best with the craftsman style houses. The doors, however, are not a complete symbol of simplicity. They are made up of hard real wood with a touch of decorative glass that gives a bright and lively appeal in the interior during day time.

  1. Victorian

The Victorian type of houses are one of the most delicate-looking houses. They are very pleasant to lay your eyes on. They are adorned with embellishments. They have railing and columns, warm-colored walls, wrap porches, and circular or geometrical towers. For Victorian styled houses; many types of windows would be suitable to install, from double hung, to transom, to bay or bow, to fixed, to arched etc. For entryway you can install a classic French style door which will further enhance the chic look of the house.

  1. Mediterranean

Mediterranean houses give off a very homely vibe, and are often distinguished by the tiled roofs and stucco exteriors. Bow and bay windows are the most popular options for Mediterranean or Spanish hoses and often known to have grand entrances. Usually a grand double-door which is embellished with adornments. 

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